Bahamas trip: Day 11

July 1st, 2009

It is my last day in the Bahamas, for now. After breakfast I have just enough time to walk out to the North Point, where I hear tell there might be some San Salvador rock iguanas, a critically endangered subspecies. It seems that some of them may have swum across the harbor from the cay where the main local population lives. (I express an interest in taking closeup photos, and am warned that they may attempt to eat my camera...)

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Bahamas trip: Day 10

June 30th, 2009

In the morning, my dad picks up Mr. Forbes from his house and drives him back to GRC. Just as they arrive, the power cuts out, so Mr. Forbes can't sharpen his machete. Too bad, 'cause we're gonna be in the bush again today.

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Bahamas trip: Day 9

June 29th, 2009

My companions go off to interview Erma Pratt after breakfast, but I'm too tired from the previous night, so I stay in and catch up on photos, blogging, and communication with the outside world. It's a hard decision: Erma's grandmother Sophia was one of the last midwives on the island, and an amazing woman... but I'm exhausted.

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Bahamas trip: Day 8

June 28th, 2009

Another interview this morning! Mary Allen invites us to breakfast on her balcony, heaping our plates with potatoes, omelette, and buttered toast. After breakfast, my dad and Kathleen follow her inside to conduct the interview (and afterwards attend a church service), while I wander on the beach. The beach is half sand, half exceedingly sharp karst limestone. I see thousands of nerites and hundreds of little hermit crabs, some lovely (empty) conch shells, and a couple of tide pool fish.

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Bahamas trip: Day 7

June 27th, 2009

Today I help with interviews. The first one (with Eulese Storr) is indoors, and consists mainly of talking. I take a couple of photos of the woman and her great-grandchildren. The second interview of the morning is just down the road from the first. Susalee Anderson shows us some bush plants (hardback, strongback, and frog tree, if I recall correctly) and sets them to boil for tea. More conversation, more poking around outdoors. There is an encounter with fire ants. After lunch there is another interview (with Miss Edna), but more brief. We mainly look at plants out in the bush.

Finally, after dinner, we have some time for snorkeling. My dad and I swim around in front of GRC and to the west until the sun sets. We encounter a hungry, hopeful clam, something that looks like this scale worm (but longer), a gelatinous blob in its natural habitat, and many foot-wide sea-stars.