On the immiscibility of higher order functions and unboxed invocation in Clojure

February 17th, 2012

Recently, Tim McIver and I set out to bring clojure.contrib.import-static into the modern world. This is lib that looks on the surface to be quite handy: (import-static java.lang.Math sqrt PI) allows you to write (sqrt PI) instead of (Math/sqrt Math/PI). The huge downside is that sqrt is a macro, so it can't be passed around as in (map sqrt (range 10)). (This does allow (with appropriate hinting) primitive invocation (non-boxed passing of primitive JVM types such as long and double) and reflection at compile-time instead of runtime.) Our idea was to replace import-static with def-statics, a macro that could produce prim-invocable functions instead of macros.

Summary: You can't actually do that. HOFs in a dynamically-typed language are not compatible with unboxed primitive invocation.

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