Open surveillance to the public

June 21st, 2007

My local paper, the Daily Progress, ran a story today about a proposal to install 30 security cameras on the Downtown Mall. I think there's a wrong way to do this, and a right way. I'll explain why the wrong way is wrong, and suggest a scheme that could lead to a right (or better) way.

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Delegate Marshall, aspiring criminal?

June 17th, 2006

Try to find what is wrong in this line of argument by Del. Marshall [source]:

Equality Virginia says it represents gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people who are opposed to the marriage amendment. So, how are the bisexuals to gain their "rights" without having one marriage partner of each sex? What do they really want?

If you still don't see it, let's try replacing one civil right with another:

Why does Marshall insist on the right to a fair and speedy trial? How is he going to gain his "rights" without committing a crime? Is that what he really wants to do?

It seems Mr. Marshall, by his own logic, is planning on exercising every right in the book. Perhaps he should be arrested, a la Minority Report, as a potential menace to society.

Or maybe there's a fault in the logic somewhere.

Thanks to Cory for the tip.