Homework sucks

I'm feeling a bit down right now. I'm having trouble with the usual tasks of getting to class on time and remembering my schedule and when things are due. Some of my classes are too unstructured for my tastes, leaving me confused as to my status.

Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying many aspects of college, especially the chance to meet new people. And I enjoy learning new material. But I feel that I've learned more outside of lecture while talking with professors and other students than I have inside of class. And much of the homework seems irrelevant and unnescessary, such as the writing assignments in my computer programming class (that's seriously not cool).

I'm having strong doubts right now as to whether college is the right place for me. I'm very much self-educated, and that just makes me wonder -- is this the most effective way for me to advance in life? Honestly, there's only two reasons I came to college -- to find like-minded friends in both students and faculty, and to gain the knowledge that cannot come efficiently from self-education.

Of course, I'm not giving up. I'll find a way to bumble through, and no doubt this is a temporary dip in my mood and self-assesment. I'm just a little worried that when things get tougher, I won't be able to handle the load. It just feels like there's too much to do.

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