Sound in Ubuntu Hoary Hedgehog – Part 1

Sound works for some applications in Ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog), but fails for others. For example, rhythmbox and xine can produce sound, but the Flash plugin for Firefox doesn’t.
  • Close any applications that are trying to access sound. This includes any browsers, because they have plugins like Flash running.
  • At the command line, kill the ESD daemon: killall esd
  • Set your sound preferences (System > Preferences > Multimedia Systems Selector) to ALSA or OSS (ALSA works better for me).
ESD has trouble sharing, apparently. Killing it works as a stop-gap measure if you need to play just a few things. I’ll search for a better solution.
Original solution: post recommending the “killall esd” hack.
Possible fixes in the Ubuntu wiki

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