“In his own image”?

Just a quick thought I had while sitting in religion class a while back:

So, there’s this place in the Bible where it says God “made man in his own image”. Some Christians take that literally, as in “we look like God”. Even if I believed in a God, I don’t think I’d interpret it that way. I think that phrase has more to do with heart and mind than body. If that’s the case, wouldn’t that imply that the human heart (soul) is inherently god-like in composition? And wouldn’t that mean we’re free of sin? I think there are some denominations that hold tat to be true.

It just irritates me when people interpret a human-written (or -transcribed, depending on your beliefs) document that has been translated, refactored, and edited as literal truth. The testimony and hear-say of unknown others is no foundation for a faith, in my opinion. It’s something you have to find for yourself.

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