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I have a Netfirms account, and I used to publish a blog to it using Then Blogger stopped publishing to Netfirms for some FTP-negotiation reason (“Broken Pipe 001”). I wanted to use some blogging software on my Netfirms account, but my account didn’t include any MySQL databases. The solution I worked out temporarily involved coordinating the look and feel of my site and my blog using CSS.

Today Netfirms sent me a notice that they had upgraded all the plans — and mine now includes MySQL. Hooray! (Update: I have since moved away from Netfirms, ’cause their customer service is quite horrid.) I set up WordPress for one of my blogs, but the Blogger-to-WordPress import tool couldn’t work because Blogger couldn’t publish to my server. However, the latest version of the script (not included in the WordPress distribution) has a solution for this.


I assume you have a blog, a server with a new or in-use WordPress installation, and FTP access to the server. Since you’re reading this post, I also assume that Blogger’s FTP publishing is not working for you.

  • Go to Andy Skelton‘s script post.
  • Follow the Alternate Directions section near the bottom.
  • Please note: apparantly, this may create another user and assign all the posts to them. If a new level 1 author shows up in the authors & users list, this may be the cause. Just reassign each post, demote the author to user status, and delete it.
The only reason I wrote this entry was to highlight the Alternate Directions — I didn’t see them at first.
Original solution: Andy Skelton‘s post.

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  1. Edward says:

    Nice webhost ... giving you a free database! I have had troubles with Blogger with quite a few posts ... doesn;t really matter though ... WordPress is way better!

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