We finally had snow! Yesterday evening the temperature dropped into the tongue-freezing-to-metal-pipe range, the winds picked up, and the sky became overcast. And did I mention that ForecastFox showed freezing rain on the 1-day forecast? Late that night, out walking with Mindy, I felt small pieces of precipitation hitting my face — it didn’t feel like rain. By midnight or so, I could hear a gentle white noise from outside, a prickling, pattering sound. Sort of like rain, but each impact had a more precise yet less bursty quality. It’s a sound that immediately brings back the feel of snow.

In the morning, the ground was covered in a thin blanket of white. Buildings were surrounded by a dark skirt where heat leaked out and melted any buildup. One square of the tennis court was inexplicably bare. The squirrels were out in full force, tails flexed over backs. The black squirrels were even easier to spot than usual — I wondered about camouflage, hawks, adaptive advantages, and the apparent paradox of their coloring and prevalence.

I’ve heard that the squirrels are amusing to watch in deeper snows. When the snowpack reaches a depth of about 6 inches and forms a crust, they have a tendency to randomly break through and disappear from sight. I can’t imagine they’d be out in any great numbers around the oak groves, though. Their only source of food would be the trash cans next to Lowry and Kittredge, the dining halls.

It should make for some amusing video.

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