Alcohol Awareness Week

Wow, so I just learned why Wooster is having an Alcohol Awareness Week. Here’s an alcoholic summary of last semester (Fall 2005):

  • During all but two weekends (13 out of 15) there were “incidents” (going-to-the-hospital-for-alcohol-poisoning incidents).
  • One weekend involved no less than 8 people at the hospital for alcohol poisoning.
  • The Wellness Center had 50 people in one weekend (or night, the details are fuzzy).
  • One person had a BAC of 0.407 (isn’t that close to fatal?), and the next weekend was back with a BAC of over 0.3 (and has since checked into a rehab program, apparantly).
  • Most alcohol-related incidents (Wellness Center, hospital, tickets, etc.) for incoming frosh than in any previous year (and pretty much highest SATs and ACTs as well, oddly enough).
  • The frosh got more alcohol tickets than all 3 other classes combined.

(The RAs were talking about these figures at hall meetings last night, so I’m not revealing any information that folks don’t already know.)

My girlfriend was wondering about the etiology of this trend, especially about whether this is more a national or local trend. One important point she brought up is the practice of housing frosh together in the same halls and dorms, instead of mixing them with other classes. This was (I believe) only instituted last semester. We both feel that mixing is beneficial for frosh, especially in terms of enculturation. By living in close quarters with juniors and seniors they would quickly learn the ways and customs of the student culture, instead of having to figure it out the hard way.

In any case, it has been pretty out-of-control this year. Hopefully we’ll see just a decrease in out-of-control drinking with the next crop of frosh.

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