Google promises not to leak your files, says leaked Google file

Okay, so they didn't promise anything, per se. The Associated Press reports that Google accidentally leaked some notes on a proposed online file storage system. As noted briefly at the beginning of the article, they may have trouble convincing users that their data is safe, when the confidential proposal wasn't safe itself.

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  1. Cory Capron says:

    So... I shouldn't get that G-mail account everyone keeps bugging me to get then?

  2. Cory Capron says:

    "Google believes the service would be enticing because the information would be unleashed from a single PC in a home or office, allowing users to access their data from any Internet-connected computer."

    Wow... I really don't find that enticing. I find it pretty darn scary. There is a reason I like to keep a lot of my work on an offline computer, and this very clearly ignores that reason.

    " 'The online copy of your data will become your Golden Copy,' Google's notes said, while the original information kept on a users' PC would serve as a backup."

    Mmmm... the image of karob wrapped in pyrite pops into my head. No really though, the idea of putting information in someone elses hands like this seems a little troubling. First with computers as big as they are now, the only people who would benifit are those workign with massive files. You know, the kind that you don't tend to trust with an online company.

    What about regulation? What about the patriot act? What about...

    Wow, there was a lot of sugar in that brownie.

    Oh well, good discussion subject for when you get back to c-ville. I'm thinking a walk-and-talk on the down mall. What say ye?

  3. Tim McCormack says:

    Yeah, I don't trust anybody with that much of my info. The government is going to be drooling over this.

    The best solution for the "Golden Copy" thing is a Subversion or CVS server, which can keep track of versions and prevent concurrent modification. Together with VPN, you've got a pretty nice setup, no third party involved.

    Yeah, I'll be in town in about a week, for about a week. I'll give you a call. (And I'll probably forget, so give me a call too...)

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