Google Calendar fails to meet my needs

I've been on a quest for a good calendar/appointment/todo system for a few years now, but no system I've encountered has had the flexibility I want for my schedule. When I heard that Google had released a Calendar service, I felt compelled to give it a try. I found it to be no better than my current system, Ximian Evolution.

Screenshot of two overlapping events

Sure, it's got all the features you'd expect, like multiple color-coded calendars, shareability, subscription feeds, and simple recurring events. But Ximian Evolution, Microsoft Outlook, and every other large-scale scheduling system has those too.

What I need is a little more flexibility in scheduling recurring events. For example, I eat lunch and dinner at the Kittredge dining hall (instead of Lowry) on weekdays, when it is open. Except Kittredge doesn't have dinner on Friday, so I have to go to Lowry. Also, I exercise at the normal dinner time on Thursdays, so I eat later at Lowry. Events can already be uncoupled from specific dates, so why not from specific times? ThursdayI want the ability to create a "dinner" event, with one recurrence at 17:30 Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at Kittredge, and another recurrence for 19:00 Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Lowry. That more adequately reflects my typical schedule.

I'm not asking for infinite flexibility, here. I'd just like scheduler systems to acknowledge the reality of recurring exceptions.

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