Install tarred and zipped source as a Debian package

Using the command sudo make install is not too hard, but it does produce one problem: uninstallation. Packages are a much better distribution method, but many authors only distribute make-able source archives instead of .deb or .rpm files.

Use the “checkinstall” package to package up the installation process and allow easy uninstallation. (If you don’t have checkinstall, get it now, )

  1. Extract source: tar jxvf gnome-schedule-0.9.0.tar.bz2
  2. Go into created folder: cd gnome-schedule-0.9.0
  3. Get ready for installation: ./configure
  4. Compile code: make
  5. Install: checkinstall --default (This is instead of make check and sudo make install)
  6. The program is now installed, and there is a nice little .deb file in the current directory.
It would be nice to have a GUI feature which would allow instant installation of source packages, automating the above steps.

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