Of security seals and window screens

We had a house meeting with our R.A. today to talk about check-out procedures, cleaning, and several house disputes. In the course of the meeting, she noted that the screen in one of the common room windows had been opened, breaking the security seal, and that we would be assessed a fine. Wait, what fine? We were never informed of this!

I immediately had several questions, and more questions for her answers:

  • If we aren't supposed to do it, why weren't we told? What policy?
  • What notice on the screen? I don't see anything other than "[arrow] to open".
  • What fee? How can we be charged for a fee we've never heard about?
  • Why is opening screens forbidden, when that's the only way to supply the porch with electricity?
  • Where is the seal? I don't see it.
  • How does breaking the seal make the security screen less usable? Why would opening a screen once render it less usable?
  • Is there really a security seal at all, or is this something we're told so that we don't leave the screens open?

I shall have to investigate.

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