KimDaBa’s HTML export explained

Update: KimDaBa is now known as KPhotoAlbum.

KimDaBa's HTML export dialogKimDaBa doesn't always have the clearest interfaceKimDaBa, despite being a wonderful program, still has a few interface issues left to work on. Notably, the gallery creation tool, "HTML Export", requires quite a bit of trial-and-error before it can be used successfully. I could not find any useful documentation on the "Destination" tab's fields, so I write it here today.

The philosophy behind the KimDaBa HTML Export dialog is that you will have a series of galleries in the same folder. The "Base URL" is the publicly accessible base directory, while the "Base directory" is the location you want to store the actual files to. "URL for final destination" is the most confusing of all; it refers to the address of the main page of the gallery. I use index.html, but you can use an absolute address instead, if you want. "Output directory" is appended to the "Base URL" and "Base directory" to form the full directory path.

Enough with the philosophy, here's an example. I want to publish a set of photos, accessible at Let's say runs off of my local machine, to make this easier. The server is located at /var/www, and has a directory called gallery. Here are the proper field values:

Base directory
Base URL
URL for final destination
Output directory

You can publish to an ftp server as well, or over various other protocols. I won't go into that here.

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