Will Goode be an issue?

I just realized that with all the talk about whether Webb or Miller would be more electable against Goode, I didn't hear much talk about whether Goode would even be in the running once the MZM stuff was over with.

Okay, no more late-night posting. (Maybe that way I won't get Virgil Goode and George Allen confused again.)

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  1. Dan Kachur says:

    I assume you mean Al Weed or Bern Ewert, as I can pretty much guarantee Jim Webb has no chance of defeating Virgil Goode.

    Unfortunately, neither does Al Weed, unless the MZM stuff really hits close to Virgil... as in indictment, arrest, etc.

  2. Tim McCormack says:

    wince Yes, thank you.

    Who knows what course the MZM scandal may take, but Goode is certainly smack in the middle of it. (I wonder if anyone would still vote for him if he got charged?)

  3. Cory Capron says:

    Ah the joys of late night posting...

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