Adding Dublin Core metadata to WordPress posts

WordPress does not have a built-in mechanism for automatically adding standardized metadata to pages. Today I wrote a plugin to add Dublin Core metadata to all posts and pages. It currently supports the following metadata:

  • Site name as DC.publisher
  • Site URL as DC.publisher.url
  • Post title as DC.title
  • Permalink as DC.identifier
  • Date created as

Install it by downloading the latest version from the DC 4 WP page (version 0.2 at this time), unpacking the .zip archive, and dropping the .php file into your WordPress installation's wp-content/plugins folder.

This is my first plugin, so any and all constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Brain on Fire » Blog Archive » My first collaboration! says:

    [...] A while back I wrote a very simple plugin for WordPress that would automatically insert Dublin Core metadata into the header of my blog posts. I released it under a free license (as version 0.2) with the hope that someone more proficient in WordPress than I would come along and build on my work. And someone did! [...]

  2. Saket says:

    Hey. Thanks for writing the plugin, I've just installed it.

    But I have a question, in its settings page, what am I supposed to write in "Add metadata dublincore License:" ?

  3. Tim McCormack says:

    Saket: If you have a license for your posts (such as some Creative Commons license) you can put that information there.

  4. ashok says:

    this is a very useful plugin, however it takes into account only some of the dc parameter. there was one issue regarding author metadata. even if i fill in the author information in the plugin, the header shows defalut author as admin. Also no provision for adding multiple authors, authors affiliation, etc. thanks again for this plugin