My first collaboration!

Automated disclaimer: This post was written more than 15 years ago and I may not have looked at it since.

Older posts may not align with who I am today and how I would think or write, and may have been written in reaction to a cultural context that no longer applies. Some of my high school or college posts are just embarrassing. However, I have left them public because I believe in keeping old web pages aliveā€”and it's interesting to see how I've changed.

A while back I wrote a very simple plugin for WordPress that would automatically insert Dublin Core metadata into the header of my blog posts. I released it under a free license (as version 0.2) with the hope that someone more proficient in WordPress than I would come along and build on my work. And someone did!

Yesterday, I received an email from a Salvatore Vassallo, explaining that he had added two more metadata attributes to my plugin and released the result (as version 0.3). I merged his contributions back into my source code, which I then reorganized and simplified. I released that as version 0.3.1, available as a zipped PHP file.

This is my first real software collaboration, however minor, and I couldn't be happier.

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  1. Udo Kempen says:

    Hi, i was looking to try your Dublin core metadata plugin but the download link is not working ?

  2. Tim McCormack says:

    @Udo Kempen: Thanks for notifying me of this! I made a change to my .htaccess file that is preventing that request from going through. I can, however, give you a direct link to v0.4 for now.

    (Unfortunately, my web host is investigating a security issue and has locked down SSH, so I won't be able to fix the underlying issue for a bit.)

  3. Udo Kempen says:

    @Tim McCormack: Thank you so much for your quick response :) testing your pluging and it looks great. Trying to add DC.subject and DC.description now for #seo testing. how about submitting your plugin to the wordpress plugin directory ? it's hard to find right now.

  4. Tim McCormack says:

    @Udo Kempen: I haven't done anything with the plugin for quite a while, so I'm going to contact Salvatore Vassallo and Joan Junyent (who have both contributed) to see if either of them would be interested in setting up the WP plugin entry.

  5. Tim McCormack says:

    @Udo Kempen: OK, the plugin is now hosted on the plugin directory.

  6. Make Microformats Work For You By Ignoring Them | WordPress Web Hosting says:

    [...] A plugin to add Dublin Core metadata to all posts and pages. I will let you know later if this is currently supported by the author or someone else. [...]

  7. Agnes says:

    Hi, this look slike a great plugin and everyone talks of it, yet on the WP forumthey say it does not work with newer versions of Wordpress? Any chance to get it updated? Thanks Agnes

  8. Tim McCormack says:

    Oh man, I haven't thought about this plugin in years... if anyone wants to take over maintenance I will gladly hand it off. Is there something simple I can do to fix it, or does it need investigation?

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