“Vermiblogging”: Neologism of the year

I nominate "vermiblogging" as the coolest word yet of 2007. (Sshh! I know it's only 12 days in. It still counts.)

Cory Capron writes about syndication and blog aggregators (emphasis mine):

To further complicate things, if bloggers can control what is and is not pulled, there could be some issues with misrepresentation. A blogger could permit several entries of an alluring nature while blocking the pulling of entries that are intentionally shocking in some sense for people following the aggregator link to find. [...snip...] However, for such a prank syndication scheme like this vermiblogging (after the vermiform tongue alligator snapping turtles use to catch fish) to occur on any scale beyond typical online trolling mischief would require either a fairly elaborate setup or complete negligence on the part of the person running the aggregator.

I approve.

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