Ubuntu “Feisty Fawn” upgrade was a breeze

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I just completed the easiest operating system upgrade I've ever experienced: Ubuntu Edgy Eft to Feisty Fawn. I directed the entire process over VNC, and did not have to leave the GUI at any time. Only a single restart was required, I did not have to edit any config files, and there does not seem to be anything left to clean up.


The Update Manager unobtrusively appeared in the system notification area as usual, but this time it had a new option: "Upgrade to Ubuntu 7.04". I clicked it. After the standard informational and warning screens, a progress box appeared that would guide me through the rest of the upgrade. Each step was labeled, and it provided an estimated time remaining, which was fairly accurate.


I was occasionally asked to resolve a difference between an existing file and a proposed replacement, but I was able to click "Replace" for each one. Most of the packages were able to intelligently convert their config files to new formats and preserve old settings.

Rough edges

I only have a few complaints about the process:

  • The "resolve differences" tool does not allow the user to edit the files, and instead restricts the options to keep and replace. I'd prefer an actual editor that assists in merging the files. (For most desktop users, this is not an issue, because they have not been messing with their config files.)
  • The download stage was interrupted when I lost internet access, and while the upgrade tool managed to clean up after itself fairly well, it did neglect to delete the /var/cache/apt/archives/lock file. I had to do that manually.
  • Several of the PHP packages were somewhat less intelligent in their upgrade process, failing to preserve some of my settings.

But for a regular desktop user, this would be dead easy. Congratulations, Ubuntu devs!

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  1. Nathaniel Schwartz says:

    I beat you to the upgrade Tim! I also was happy that it was less work than a weekly update of packages that you might do with Gentoo. On the other hand, I haven't really noticed any significant changes yet. I'm also too lazy to read the release notes :-)

  2. Tim McCormack says:

    I was more hesitant about upgrading early after my experience with Edgy Eft -- that version was trouble! Feisty's installation process is a lot better as well (as opposed to upgrade), including some nifty stuff like importing settings from existing Windows and Linux installations. Plus, there's something in the works that will let people install Ubuntu into their Windows partition. Somehow.

  3. Alan says:

    I'm having the opposite experience. I've tried all upgrade options but the process keeps looping at the fetching files stage, after fetching 989/1158 files.

    After a series of that I rebooted and update manager prompted me to dist-upgrade to 6.10! With the 7.04 alternate CD I went through the same "fetching files" process twice. What a piece of crap this distro is.

    Upgrading from 6.06 --> 6.10 was a lot easier.

  4. Tim McCormack says:

    Sorry to hear that, Alan! I noticed a bug with the upgrade tool as well, as I noted in the post.

    That's probably why they had it fetched each time you attempt to upgrade -- they can get bug reports and add fixes as the community upgrades.

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