It ain’t pretty, but it’s mine

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I have finally joined the ranks of bloggers who have designed their own blog themes. Wheee.

At some point I'd like to go for membership in the My Blog Actually Looks Nice club, but that could be a little ways off.

Edit: Thanks to Russ for the snazzy header image!

Edit 2006-05-07: If you're looking at this blog using Internet Explorer, you'll notice I really don't give a crap. However, if Safari, Konquerer, or Opera users notice something wrong — let me know!

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  1. Terras says:


  2. Tim McCormack says:

    Sexy like yo' MOMMA! D:

  3. Neosamurai85 says:

    Needs more opossums.

  4. Tim McCormack says:

    Needs more opossums.

    Aw, you did NOT just go there. :-D

  5. Terras says:

    You might wanna fix this~

  6. Tim McCormack says:

    Ah, that's what I get for never logging out.

    (I take back what I said about yo' momma~)

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