Bahamas trip: Day 2

Today is a day for shopping and packing. Our itinerary takes us from Charlottesville, VA to Charlotte, NC by US Airways, then to Nassau, BS. We'll stay overnight, and then catch a little Bahamasair plane out to San Salvador Island. On that final leg, we'll have a 50 lb weight limit on checked luggage and strict size requirements for carry-on. Accordingly, we pack the heavy items in the carry-on and the bulky items in the checked suitcases.

My new purchases:

  • Turtleneck shirt for avoiding sunburn while snorkeling, also serving as a wetsuit
  • Wristwatch to finally replace my lost, beloved Casio which I owned for at least a decade
  • Water shoes to protect my feet from coral and sharp or stinging things

Thing I want to bring, but probably won't:

  • GPS: My old one broke fairly recently and I haven't had success getting a new one in time. All I want is a basic hiking unit and people only seem to be getting rid of car navigation units.
  • Waterproof camera case: Do you have any idea how ridiculously expensive those things are?

Tomorrow I will have a chance to catch up with local friends, poke around in the woods, and maybe get a GPS receiver at the very last minute.

Also: My dad is happy with his father's day present: A $25 gift certificate for, a charitable micro-loan site.

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