Bahamas trip: Day 11

It is my last day in the Bahamas, for now. After breakfast I have just enough time to walk out to the North Point, where I hear tell there might be some San Salvador rock iguanas, a critically endangered subspecies. It seems that some of them may have swum across the harbor from the cay where the main local population lives. (I express an interest in taking closeup photos, and am warned that they may attempt to eat my camera...)

Alas, iguanas are not in the cards today. The Point is beautiful as always, though, with both smooth and jagged rock formations lining the sides. On the walk back to GRC I see a mangrove I hadn't noticed before, what might be a Bahama Mockingbird, and a yellow-flowered Wild Unction Vine.

Thumbnail imageCrab hiding under overhang

I packed the night before, so the only thing left to do before getting on the truck is to go down to the seashore and say goodbye to the island. I throw back the shells I had collected, but keep the smooth sea glass. A mid-sized crab scuttles under an overhang of the boat launch ramp I am standing on, and I nearly dip my camera into the surf to take a closeup photo. It comes out beautifully.


The return trip is a breeze, except for the Nassau airport, where we have to go through Bahamian airport security, followed immediately by grumpy, power-tripping US Customs agents, and then through US airport security. Hey, handle that laptop gently, or at least don't slam it on the table! The San Sal airport was delightfully insecure, which made me feel relaxed. This harrying makes me anxious.

Finally, we are home. My mom picks us all up from the airport, and we watch the Tina James' Magic evening primroses open, exotic flowers in our own yard.

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