Comment tokenizer algorithm

July 5th, 2007

The existing comment-tracking systems that I know of just aren't enough. CoComment is buggy and fails to properly parse out comments for a number of blogs, and is missing a number of important features. (Float unread to top of list, for example, or track a URL without visiting it.) has a much nicer interface and tracks better, but lacks a Firefox extension and some of the advanced features of CoComment.

Rather than simply whining about the lack of excellent trackers, I want to help the existing ones improve. Here I present most of algorithm to parse out comments from an unfamiliar blog template.

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Excess GMail invites? Script them away!

October 6th, 2006

Amazingly, people are still looking for free GMail invites. (You'd think there'd be enough floating around, but apparently not.) There are several sites that accept invites and spool them back out to anyone who asks, my favorite of which is ByteTest. Sending invite after invite to is not my idea of fun, but I still like the anonymizing effect of the spooler, and I wanted to help. So, I hacked together a clod of javascript to automate the process.

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Excellent free music

December 25th, 2005

Excellent free music I've collected over the semester:

  • Soundtrack of a video that was produced simply to show the richness of the available free music: The Urban Tale (compilation), try tracks 3 and 9 especially
  • Dark chocolate laced w/ adrenaline: L'Onomatopeur: Always Beating track 1
  • Trip-hop/experimental jazz/electronic: Manuzik
  • Lazy-listening smooth synth (sort of): reClock
  • drum/base/tribal-like: dambo
  • Heavy-beat electronic: Saelynh
  • Classical-ish and related: Ehma
  • Chill/fusion/electro/ambient: Greg Baumont
  • Electro/techno: Isotope Lab (try Clean Room, Freeze v2, Infection, and Repentance)
  • Meditation/oriental/ambient/nature: Phoebus (the Feng Shui Project album)
  • Spoken word/story/surrealist: 2NU (This is Ponderous, Crossroads (Chaos), Then Again (4 Adlemi), A Father's Day, The Legend, She 04)

Edit 2006-3-4: I've added a few more excellent artists to my collection since this post. Following are some more album recommendations.

Slap Violin: Liquid crack for the ears

December 3rd, 2005

I downloaded this from Jamendo a while back, but I had to share it with everyone. L'Onomatopeur has a track on their Always Beating album called "Slap Violin". Listening to this is like eating dark chocolate laced with adrenaline. Listen to it now!

[get it for free at Jamendo as either mp3 or ogg]