Excellent free music

Excellent free music I've collected over the semester:

  • Soundtrack of a video that was produced simply to show the richness of the available free music: The Urban Tale (compilation), try tracks 3 and 9 especially
  • Dark chocolate laced w/ adrenaline: L'Onomatopeur: Always Beating track 1
  • Trip-hop/experimental jazz/electronic: Manuzik
  • Lazy-listening smooth synth (sort of): reClock
  • drum/base/tribal-like: dambo
  • Heavy-beat electronic: Saelynh
  • Classical-ish and related: Ehma
  • Chill/fusion/electro/ambient: Greg Baumont
  • Electro/techno: Isotope Lab (try Clean Room, Freeze v2, Infection, and Repentance)
  • Meditation/oriental/ambient/nature: Phoebus (the Feng Shui Project album)
  • Spoken word/story/surrealist: 2NU (This is Ponderous, Crossroads (Chaos), Then Again (4 Adlemi), A Father's Day, The Legend, She 04)

Edit 2006-3-4: I've added a few more excellent artists to my collection since this post. Following are some more album recommendations.

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