Because even terrorists blog, apparently

DHS funds research targeting anonymity and blogs.

From Osama Bin Laden's livejournal:

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I hate living in this cave, and I think I'm gtting fat from not moving around. lol. By ALlah, I think I'll go bomb some infidels.

Seriously. Doesn't the DHS have something better to do, like strip-searching grannies at the airport?

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  1. Tim says:

    Hey now, dont be cracking on the strip searching of our Senior Citizens. That is a very valuable program based on painstaking research that has brought the smuggling of support hose to a standstill. The War on SupportHose was over before it began, and we never even knew if had started.

    It has also had sweeping effects on the blackmarket Viagra trade and is rumored to be the method that snagged Rush Limbaugh recently!

  2. TrvlnMn says:

    This is irritating news, and in light of our privacy erosions under the Bush administration, should be cause for concern.

    I think I understand the "Why" of why would they want to do this. They are probably thinking about those phpbb type forum boards where the terrorists post the videos of their crimes. Trying to develop some way of knowing when someone posting on one of the overseas islamic sites actually really knows something or is just running off at the mouth.

    However all that said.. it's kind of like the development of the Nuclear Bomb- is this technology we really want to exist? It could too easily serve to quash a potential whistleblowers (which this administration has already proven it would like to do). And by focusing on blogs- lends to the concept that "the media formats the republican's cannot control they would seek to destroy."

    And lets face it Conservatives may have gotten the advantage with talk radio- but liberals gained back a competitive edge with blogs.

    Alrighty, time to go line the walls with another layer of aluminum foil to keep out those mind control rays. :)

  3. Tim McCormack says:

    I prefer to take the offensive. If the government started scraping my blog, I'd post really edgy stuff, just so they'd take the bait.

    Off to make a donation to the ACLU! I consider it an investment.

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